Purchasing an auto insurance policy

As the rate of accidents is increasing day by day, that’s why everyone wants to save his car by purchasing an auto insurance policy. Buying a car insurance policy is the right decision. But most of the people don’t see the disadvantages of car insurance, or you can say competitive insurance disadvantages. The insurance companies always show you the brighter side, and they may butter you with a low monthly payment the so-called flat premium rate. But today I am going to tell you how to protect yourself from the disadvantages of auto insurance policies.

Don’t trust blindly on the insurer and keep in mind you must check out the following instructions.

Before that, you must know about the types of insurance.

  1. Collision insurance
  2. Comprehensive insurance

In case of collision insurance, your auto insurance company covers the car when your car gets a hit. Whereas in case of full coverage, the insurance company helps you when your vehicle is damaged by theft or in cases of flood or fire.

Disadvantage # 1:

In most cases insurance company provides protection only to some particular parts of your car and you are sometimes unaware of it. So you must assure that what your policy is giving to you.

Disadvantage # 2:

There is a truth that whenever you purchase an insurance policy, you will find the burden of monthly premiums. I am considering it a disadvantage because it disturbs your budget and other needs only for a safe car. This can trouble you. So you must check out your credit score before going to purchase an insurance policy.

Disadvantage # 3:

The last advantage is that whenever your car gets a problem, and the insurance company has to pay for it, they take too much time to send you the coverage money. As you want to cover your damage as soon as possible, you sometimes have to pay from your pocket.

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